Chaplain Resident


Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) resident initiates are expected to engage in transformational clinical learning, provide spiritual care to patients, families, and employees, and officiate at or arrange, services to meet the needs of patients, families and employees. This position assesses patient needs for spiritual care and counsels and initiates or recommends programs and services to meet those needs. Carries out clinical spiritual care activities as directed and communicates concerns and/or needs to Director Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education. Actively participates in clinical learning opportunities, reports learning as directed through clinical presentations, reflections, syllabus course requirements of CPE.


  • Leads patients in regularly scheduled spiritual services and chapel functions or arranges for visiting clergy to do so.
  • Provides rituals and performs religious rites, e.g. baptism, sacraments, honor walk, blessings or facilitates appropriate religious leader to do so.
  • Visits newly admitted patients, makes routine visits to patients, and provides counsel and guidance as needed.
  • Collaborates with health care team in assisting patient to make personal adjustments.
  • Schedules appointments with patients and loved ones, upon request, for private spiritual care. Arranges family meetings or group discussions as needed.
  • Participates in interdisciplinary team meetings/rounds and activities in assigned clinical areas.
  • Completes Spiritual Care template for every patient in OneChart which includes Spiritual Assessment, Intervention, Outcomes and Plan, (AIOP).
  • Attends to spiritual care consults regularly and follows up on non-urgent consults within 2 hours and responds to urgent requests immediately.
  • Provides chaplaincy service to all self-harm patients as assigned, ensuring comprehensive follow-up.
  • Is continually available for chaplaincy support to all employees, the hospital community, offers individual and group opportunities as well as services and rituals as appropriate.
  • Is available for consultation to hospital staff and other individuals on matters pertaining to hospital ministry.
  • Collaborates with members of the hospital care team in identifying and resolving problems.
  • Acts as liaison between patient, family, and staff during periods of crisis, e.g. critical illness, lengthy illness or death.
  • In a regular rotation, provides on-call coverage in compliance with department practice (minimum of one 24/7 a week and one weekend from Friday 5pm-Monday 8:30amper month).
  • Maintains established department and organizational policies, procedures, objectives, quality assurance, safety, environmental and infection control.
  • Maintains required records, reports, statistics in a timely manner including required Spiritual Care documentation on medical charts. Completes documentation, as may be required in specific rites, e.g. baptism.
  • Attends required meetings and participates on committees as directed.
  • Maintains professional development through CPE, seminars, education sessions, workshops, affiliations with professional associations.


  • College/university graduate; theological training; graduate theological degree completed or in process; commitment to the clinical method of learning; readiness and serious intent to explore the profession of chaplaincy and pursue Board Certified Chaplaincy.
  • Experience in ministry and/or human services is required.
  • Approved in good standing, or in process for approval by ecclesiastical/spiritual body, as ordained; licensed; elder; deacon; commissioned, as required within formal ecclesiastical/spiritual body, strongly preferred. Endorsed or eligible for endorsement by ecclesiastical/spiritual body for Chaplaincy Ministry, strongly preferred.
  • Satisfactory completion of one prior Unit of Level I CPE strongly preferred.